Our Story

Skin-Smoothies Inc. was born in the creative hearts of husband and wife duo Antwon & Sharee Collier, 2010. In an effort to provide their family with chemical-free natural products– that would be equally good for their skin while undamaging to the environment; they began a year long journey to research, develop, and create the Skin-Smoothies brand! The brand needed to uphold specific values, they decided were important to their family:

  • 100% Natural (Ingredients would be plant based, including nutrients and minerals from various regions throughout the world)
  • 100% Handmade (Each Product would be lovingly prepared without heavy machinery on large scale productions)
  • Chemical & Preservative Free (Products would be free from all chemical ingredients)
  • Animal & Cruelty Free (Products would not contain animal bi products nor would they be tested on animal!)

Armed with 10 years of prior business management & marketing experience, a lifetime of creativity and an overwhelming amount of botanical research, the couple began formulating the first, of many Skin-Smoothies Signature Products.

Focusing on what they pinned as, “the forgotten cleansing method” they concentrated their products on the act of exfoliation (The gentle removal of the top layer of the skin). Intending to deliver a plant based alternative to tradition bars of soap, Antwon & Sharee hand crafted 'Scrubs'- handmade from fresh and natural ingredients, that would provide their customers with not only smooth and healthy skin, but a quality body care product that could be used from head to toe and on any member of the family!

The couple soon began distributing their products to local health conscious consumers throughout the Southeast at various health markets, trade-shows, art fairs, and farmer’s markets! With such encouraging feedback from their growing clientele, Antwon & Sharee now plan to offer their products to families nationwide through wholesome retailers that uphold similar values!